I received a US Airlines Award Notification, and I must tell you I was a little skeptical at first. The letter stated that US Airlines was offering me two free round trip tickets. I have learned the hard way that nothing in life is free. I was extremely skeptical so I decided to do a little research online. I found some mixed reviews. It was funny; all of the negative reviews were coming from people that didn’t even bother to call the number. Everyone that did call the number posted a positive review and confirmed that they did receive their free tickets. I didn’t read one negative from anyone that actually took a minute to make the phone call to see what the letter was all about. As I learned more about the letter and the company, I was thrilled to the fullest. There was no doubt about it that it was an offer worth checking out.

As I carefully read the letter, the thought came to my mind of the possibility of it being a scam or a joke. I constantly thought about if it was real or not. I thought that there was no way at all that a company would just give away airline tickets. I also thought they must want me to pay some money or something. I knew that they wanted something out of me, but what was it? It better not be money, because I wasn’t willing to give them any. After speaking with my neighbor, she informed me she had received the same letter in the mail as well, and her sister had also. Her sister was curious enough to check it out, and believe it or not, she was thrilled. Apparently, everything went very smoothly for the both of them and they were able to redeem their free airline tickets without any problems what-so-ever. After the conversation with my neighbor, I made the decision to call the number on the letter. I was told that I needed to go to a local hotel, and attend a short discussion. That’s where I would be able to pick up my free airline tickets. I have to admit I was still a little nervous about it, even with everyone’s reassurances. In the end I made the discussion to trust in them and attend the discussion about the airline tickets.

After I arrived at the discussion’s location, I walked in with my letter and took a seat. I was served some refreshments, and then the speaker introduced herself. The speaker at the discussion was very nice and professional. She spoke about how to receive great deals on flight tickets as well as hotel rooms. She also spoke about how the company helps travelers find discounts. She informed her audience of the many different ways we could travel better. After the ninety-minute presentation was over; I had a few questions of my own. She was kind enough to sit with me and answer all of the remaining questions I had. I learned that I have been basically just throwing my money away all these years. I have been spending way too much on vacations. I learned how to travel cheaper and better! I was so happy I attended the discussion. When they handed me my free tickets, I felt like I was robbing them. They just provided me with all this valuable information that was going to help me out! They gave me all this information for free, now they were also giving me free tickets! They were also round trip tickets. It was an amazing experience. I headed home with a smile on my face.

I didn’t have any problems at all redeeming my free airline tickets. My only problem was figuring out where I wanted to go! I decided on a beautiful one week vacation to Maui. I was able to take my boyfriend with me. We even got to fly home for free since I received two free round trip airline tickets in my US Airlines Award Notification letter. I am so happy I received a US Airlines Award Notification. I really hope they send another letter, because I will attend a ninety-minute meeting any time.